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Say Hello To Book 2- Beyond Basics!

My second book "Your Children's Ministry Beyond Basics" has gone live on Amazon! This book goes FURTHER into those tougher topics of children's and family ministry- pastoral transitions, family and staff conflict management, special needs kid's ministry, stepping up to bullying and more.

We have allowed some of the best and most well respected names in kid's and family ministry preview the book. Here is what they had to say:


“I have lost track of how many churches and leaders I have recommended Trish’s first book to. Now, she has taken everything to the next level! This book is jam packed with solid content, brilliant ideas, and proven methods. Picking right where “Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch” left off, Trish packs every chapter with exactly the right information that you need to build upon a firm foundation of Children’s Ministry.

This book is never leaving my bookshelf!”

Brian Dollar, Kids Pastor, Author of “I Blew It!” and “Talk Now And Later”, Blogs at

“Reaching the next generation with the gospel is a critical responsibility of the church. Pastor Trisha Peach is passionate about this ministry and she shares very practice ideas and tools that any Children’s Pastor will find helpful. In this second book Pastor Trisha touches on such important issues as handling conflict and planning for family outreach.”

Ed Miller, Director of Development, Center for Biblical Parenting

“Every ministry leader needs to be effective at managing change or they won’t last long in today’s culture. This book provides practical concepts for innovating change in children’s ministry. Trisha has consulted our children’s ministry department with her concepts and helped us successfully navigate several areas of ministry change. We are grateful for the insights she shares in this book! ”

Bob Griffith, Executive Pastor of Family Ministries, Journey Church, Kenosha WI

“Trisha has a passion for equipping ministry leaders. This book is packed full of practical and insightful advice for anyone who wants to lead well in children’s ministry.”

-Steven Knight, Founder

“Your Children’s Ministry from Scratch” laid out a great foundation that any children’s ministry can build upon. Ready to keep building? Then “Children’s Ministry, Beyond Basics” is for you! This book will help you discover the keys to building a ministry that will bear fruit for a lifetime.

Dale Hudson

Director of Children's Ministry,

How about you? Convinced? Intrigued a little? Check out the book, comment, get your own copy and recommend it to a friend- you can find it all here:

I truly hope that this book is a tool that you find helpful in your ministry to children and families for years to come. God bless your ministry! Trisha


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