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KidMin Ninja and You!


Interested in taking your church’s kid’s ministry to the next level? Welcome to the DOJO. Pastor Trisha can bring all the energy and fresh ideas of her book “Your Children’s Ministry From Scratch” straight into YOUR church, into YOUR leaders. Sound intriguing?

How about starting here:

Consultation Fee: Starts at $300 per full day plus gas. Over Skype or in person (preferably), Pastor Trisha will do a thorough assessment of your current children’s ministries department, including talking to key volunteers and staff, looking at curriculum effectiveness, recruitment needs and strategies, safety and security, special needs accommodations and more. After the research and interaction, Pastor Trisha will create a written, detailed strategy tailor made for YOUR church!

Seminar / Camps/ Training: Starts at $350 for half day, $700 for whole weekend trip*, $800 for a week of camp

Professional Resume Assistance: Get the sharp, eye catching resume that church leaders are looking for right now. Starting at $25.00

Coaching: $250 per month* Skype or phone or face to face (if you are close enough) one hour every week for three months. This is a very effective way to grow your church’s key leaders, to improve 2-3 key areas and help to solve your children’s ministries’ top 3 problems you are facing right now. Part of the coaching program includes setting measurable goals together- for growth, recruitment, leader development, programming improvement, special needs kid’s ministry training and more, and then evaluating our progress toward those goals together. This is a smart choice for anyone, including college students, who want real interaction and mentoring.

Get on the fast track NOW to developing the cutting edge children’s leader in you (and the leaders on your team). Get started TODAY!

*Call 937-477-1282 or

*Email us at

*Connect with Trisha on Facebook /pastortrisha, and twitter /ptrishapeach

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